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As Krusty the Clown would say…”don’t blame me, I didn’t do it.” I had a new show up for Viva Radio to stream tonight. That they rebroadcast the July 21st episode is beyond my control. I just finished preparing the August 4th show so I’ll try to have them stream what should have been the [...]

Viva es Viva!

At least for now. Sometime yesterday Viva went into a coma. It’s a techmical problem (they ran out of disk space). I haven’t heard an ETR. Ah well… Updated: Everything is back to normal. Whew.

Repeat Broadcast

It looks like Viva is streaming a repeat broadcast of the Emergency Broadcast System on Sundays at 3:00 PM. So all you folks working weekends at American Apparel stores have something to look forward to!

Episode Two: July, 21st 2010

Listen now! Hey Pocky Way – The Meters Really Wanted You – Emitt Rhodes Kites Are Fun – Free Design Fernando – ABBA Wooden Spoon – The Poets July 12, 1939 – Charlie Rich Drownin’ On Dry land – Little Junior Parker Hitchcock Railway – Jose Feliciano Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) [...]

Episode One: July, 14th 2010

Listen now! DJ – David Bowie Remember – Yma Sumac Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & the Wailers California Soul – Marlena Shaw Frozen Orange Juice – Peter Sarstedt Strawberry Fields Forever – Richie Havens I Am And So Are You – Capability Brown Hawaiian Cowboy – Sol K. Bright & his Hollywaiians Emotion [...]

Time is elastic.

I only learned today that when Viva-Radio says 8:00, they really mean 8:00…regardless of time zone. Evidently they do some sort of I.P. detection, determine a visitor’s given location and present the scheduled programming for that time period, for that location. As a result, east coast listeners get to hear me three hours earlier than [...]

Social media?

Ok, so…over there on the right there are little icons that are links to the EBS Facebook and Twitter thingies. I have no idea what I should be using those sites for, in order to promote the Emergency Broadcast System. Can someone ‘splain me what to do? I’m not very social-media-ey.

I have a promo spot on Viva Radio!

I was a little surprised and much amused when Ted at Viva chose the Englebert Humperdinck song “Quando, Quando, Quando (When Will You Be Mine)” from my first episode as the musical bed for my promo. I’m guessing it was a track that he felt …ummm set me apart from other Viva Radio DJs. Ted’s [...]

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